The founder of CleanPower Generation, Marcus A. Miller, is part of the Haubold
genealogy, an entrepreneurial family with its roots in the city of Chemnitz. The
Haubold familiy is closely associated with the mechanical engineering industry
in Chemnitz, as Carl Gottfried Haubold continued the work of Carl Gottlob Haubold
the "father of mechanical engineering in Chemitz".

For 108 years the family remained closely associated with the Haubold factories.
Expropriation and nationalization braught this indutrial dynasty to its end.


Corporate History of the Haubold Dynasty:

1837 - Founding of the machine factory C. G. Haubold jr.

1839 - Engineering of the 1st calander on the European continent

1840 - Engineering of the 1st centrifuge in Germany

1844 - Engineering of the a technically improved printing engine

1862 - Death of the company founder Carl Gottfried Haubold

1887 - Construction of a modern and extensive foundry

1892 - Begin of the of ice and refrigeration equipment factory

1898 - C. G. Haubold jr. is named by VDI (Association of German
Engineers) as the largest and most distinguished factory in Germany.

1905 - Change of legal status into C. G. Haubold jr. G.m.b.H.

1918 - Change of legal status into Carl Gottfried Haubold AG

1933 - In the thirties Haubold grows to be the largest and most efficient
manufacturer of centrifuges in Germany.

The large market share of industrial refrigeration technology is further
enhanced by the introduction of the "electric-automated small refrigeration
unit", the beginning of household refrigeration.

Haubold products are now being sold worldwide.

1945 - During the bombing of Chemnitz, 80% of the Haubold factories were
destroyed. The remaining production equipment was dismantled and brought
to russia, reparations had to be payed.

1946 - The Haubold family is being disowned by the sovjet occupying power.
The corporation Carl Gottfried Haubold AG is being nationalized.