Our Motivation  -  Simply Do The Right Thing.

The German nuclear phase-out in response to the disaster of Fukushima has significantly increased the
pressure to further expand
the renewable energies capacities.

The post-fossil era will rely on different forms of renewable energy, which will depend on a power
network that can accommodate both, centralized and decentralized power generation. Most pressing
however, is the question of energy storage. Beyond mobility, electric vehicles can play a significant role
in renewable energy storage and providing stability for the power networks.
Admittedly an adequate and
widely available infrastructure is needed.

Carbon neutral electric mobility is possible only with renewable energy. The sustainability report of 2008
published by the German federal government, strongly recommends additional renewable energy capacities
in order to meet that goal.

In order to counteract additional land use for widespread renewable power plants, we promote the concept
of mulitfunctional areas since 2008. In short: utilize parking areas for the energy harvest. The energy potential
of parking areas is estimated to be more than 16 TWh in Germany alone.

Aside from the renewable energy generation, it is necessary to avoid emissions altogether. Here are the facts:
our mobility needs combine to be the second largest contributor of carbon emissions with approximately 20%
or 160 Mio. tons per year. One person mobility accounts for 90% of all rides. More than 80% of all rides are less
than 50 kilometers in distance. The average speed in metropolitan areas has fallen to 8 - 32 km/h.

It is time to act. Simply do the right thing.