Climate Change  -  Who Asks About Our Children`s Future?

Global warming is not a futurisitc desaster, we are right in the middle of it.

Global warming is causing extreme whether events. Strong storms and ever new record floods
increase dramatically - and so do human tragedies.

Greenhouse gases prevent the reflection of the sun’s heat back into space, causing the lower
atmosphere to heat up. This causes the oceans to evaporate more water, so that more forceful
low-pressure areas are building up. The resulting energy is released through hurricanes and cyclones.

Since the beginning of weather recording, the year 2005 was the hottest. During the summer of 2003
an unusual heat wave occurred all over Europe. 35.000 people died. The agricultural damage alone
amounted to 10 billion Euros.

Approximately 30 per cent of all of the European glacier surfaces have already melted. The volume of
the glaciers decreased since 1850 by more than half. This causes snowfields in central Europe to de-
crease even further, so that stable cold high-pressure zones that act as natural barriers against Atlantic
low-pressure storms can not build up any more.

According to a study by the UNO, the consequential cost of global warming will rise to annually 300
billion Dollar form the year 2050 onward. Earth will heat up during the next decades even faster than
expected so far. The climate panel of the United Nations predicts a rise in temperature of up to 5.8
degree Celsiusby the year 2100. So far a maximum rise to 3.5 degrees Celsius was assumed.

Even the insurance companies raise an alarm and demand effective measures in favor of climate protection.
According to the Münchener Rück, a worldwide leading reinsurer, the occurrence of natural catastrophes
tripled since the 1960.

The economical damage even increased nine fold.1

 1 Blackbook Supply Security , Greenpeace