The CleanPower.Port™ -  Open Space. No Obstructions.


The columns-free, self-supporting structure makes it easy to enter and exit the parking space. No more fear of
accidents and dents while parking.

Conceived to be a modular construction kit, the CleanPower.Port™ can be individually fitted to any parking space
geometry. The minimum size of 4 parking spaces is required.

Perfect weather protection via low roof pitch and variable headway ensure vehicle protection for cars, motor homes
and even buses.

Below surface foundations reduce the space requirements of the canopy to a minimum, leaving a generous parking
space with no obstructions or hindrances. Straight or diagonal parking space geometries can be fitted without

The excellent solar power output, customized to the individual mounting requirements, guarantees high energy
yield with standard solar panels.

All wiring is installed within the steel framework of the carport, allowing passive protection against electric shock
as well as security against vandalism and damage.

The integrated LED illumination CleanPower.Light™ offers excellent light output with little power consumption.

Quality and economy of the CleanPower.Port™ guarantees 100% investment protection. The amortization
and return expectations are variable, depending on the geographic location and the magnitude of the project

CleanPower.Port™ -  Innovative.  Efficient.  Sustainable.

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