The CleanPower.Port™ Premium  -  Our Exclusive System.

Outstanding design, combined structural stability and elegance.

The CleanPower.Port™ Premium combines stable circular columns with elegant arches and delicate V-struts
to a robust roof structure. 

The floating and airy character of the CleanPower.Port™ is created by the cantilevered roof structure. It blends
with its modern, yet unobtrusive design, in any environment.

Vehicle clearance is available up to 3 m in height.

The modular system design allows flexible canopying of various parking geometries and individual parking space

The CleanPower.Port™ is the only solar carport available today which is truly self-supporting. The columns are
always in front or in the back of a car. Completely recessed sub-soil foundations are guaranteeing no obstructions
left or right of a vehicle whatsoever. That leaves plenty of space to the car and its driver, guaranteeing virtually
no accidental dents, scratches or bumps.

Optimum weather protection is provided by the low roof pitch.

The solar modules are either mounted in parallel to the roof or with a slight elevation to fit optimum yield expec-

Additionally with with truly integrated charging station CleanPower.Bay™ for electric vehicles.

The Premium design line can be mounted anywhere, especially in prominent places like downtown train stations,
next to hotels and and museums or as representative company parking.

In small or large spaces, the CleanPower.Port™ Premium delivers reliably green energy and outstanding design.

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